ATCO Plantation - Pearson GA
Game Bird Hunting

ATCO Plantation - Game Bird Hunting

Duck Hunting

There are a lot of ducks in Southeast Georgia.  ATCO Plantation has the Satilla River waterway, the Seventeen Mile River waterway, and a pond for duck hunting.  Duck hunting on a river is interesting.  You know where the river lakes are that hold ducks, but you have to move close enough to them to get a shot.  Ducks can be heard every day as they fly to the rivers, and as they leave the rivers to roost.

Turkey Hunting

Thanks to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wild Turkeys have made a strong comeback in Southeast Georgia.  They released birds back in the 80’s and those birds have thrived.  Turkey hunting is growing in popularity and ATCO Plantation is loaded with turkeys. One deer hunter saw 84 (eighty four) turkeys from one stand.  Nothing is like the thrill of hearing a big turkey fly down from the roost. 

Quail Hunting

South Georgia is the self proclaimed Quail Capitol of the World!  There are more hunting plantations here than most people have seen in their lifetime.  ATCO Plantation does things a little bit differently.  We keep everyone safe as we make sure our hunters have fun.  Quail hunting is spending time with your friends and family as you watch a trained dog move through the woods.  When the covey flushes it separates the men and women from the boys and girls.  It takes quick reaction time and accurate shooting to kill a flushed quail.

Would you like to try game bird hunting at ATCO Plantation?

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