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 Turkey Hunting


Turkey Hunting at ATCO Plantation

Turkey Population

The Georgia DNR released turkeys at ATCO Plantation in the early 80’s. I can remember seeing the young birds and wondering if they would survive. Since then, both land tracts of ATCO Plantation have thriving wild turkey populations. ATCO Plantation offers access to some great turkey hunting!

Turkey Hunting Pressure

The fat gobblers have had very little hunting pressure. Their long beards, spurred legs, and red heads are seen daily. Mature gobblers sure are aggravating during deer season. Have you ever seen a turkey peck a deer or chase squirrels? I have seen hens, jakes, and toms team up on other animals.

Turkey Hunt with a guide

If you want to learn how to hunt turkeys, we suggest that you go with a guide. They can help you progress as a turkey hunter, and will gladly share with your their personal secrets.

Turkey Hunt without a guide

ATCO Plantation offers hunters the freedom to hunt turkey however they choose. We have the birds. Do you have the necessary skill to take one home?

When you get the fever, book a hunt at ATCO Plantation.

Hunt Turkey at ATCO Plantation

Turkey  Fact Sheet
Sound of a Wild Turkey

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