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Quail Hunting at ATCO Plantation

Southeast Georgia Quail

Southeast Georgia has the self made title of “Quail Capital of the World!” The Bob White Quail, colinus virginianus, has been a generational topic of choice for bird hunters throughout the Southeast. Upland bird hunting enthusiasts have been drawn to our row crop farmlands, fence row divided fields, planted pines, rolling grasses, and thickets. Quail hunting is still exciting in South Georgia. Although the population has declined in some places, wise management strategies have proven that the Georgia Bob White Quail is resilient and thriving! You really need to experience South Georgia quail hunting.

Plantation Quail Hunting

Quail hunting is one of the most exciting hunting adventures in South East Georgia. Because wild quail are so rare, most quail hunters learn to appreciate pen raised quail hunts. ATCO Plantation has long flight pens (120’) and conditions the birds with the help of a Shiba Inu, Nuska. Nuska is extremely quick, so the birds are conditioned for rapid flight. ATCO Plantation has Northern Jumbo Bob White Quail, and they are ready for your hunting adventure. ATCO Plantation purchased a blanket license, so you will not need a hunting license for Plantation Quail Hunting.

Wild Quail Hunting

Hunting wild quail is a rare treat in South Georgia. Wild quail populations have declined drastically over the past 40 years. The largest contributing factor of this decline is habitat changes. ATCO Plantation has a few “pockets” of natural habitat that are necessary for their survival, and preserves them tenaciously. Wild quail have many natural predators: coyote, fox, raccoon, opossum, fire ants, snakes, hawks, owls, bobcats, and skunks. After you master plantation quail hunting, you really need to try a wild quail hunt.

Hunt Quail at ATCO Plantation
Bobwhite Quail Fact Sheet
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