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Small Game Hunting


Small game hunting is for people who enjoy the great outdoors and who appreciate hunting with family and friends.  We have rabbit hunting and squirrel hunting.

Rabbit Hunting at ATCO Plantation

There is nothing quite like the thrill of hearing trained beagles.  The excitement they show can be seen and heard by a hunter.  The best dogs wag their tails in excitement as they chase rabbits within a pack of eager dogs.  A seasoned hunter can distinguish each dog's bark, and recognizes the stage of the hunt.  If you have never tried rabbit hunting, come to ATCO Plantation.

Squirrel Hunting at ATCO Plantation

Squirrel hunting is both an individual and group experience.  ATCO Plantation squirrel hunting offers still hunting and dog hunting.

Still Hunting for Squirrels

Still hunting consists of being still near a heavily populated area and waiting for a squirrel to appear.  You would be surprised how many squirrels a squirrel hunter will see when squirrels  are feeding.  Still squirrel hunting gives a person time to gather their thoughts and resolve issues that are troubling them.  Plenty of fresh air, birds, trees, the wind, wildlife, and the smells of our great outdoors will help anyone find their center.

Dog Hunting for Squirrels

Dog hunting is another story.  Dog hunting means following a dog that is trained to sniff out squirrels and chase them up a tree, and watching a dog who can keep an eye on a squirrel that is leaping from tree to tree.  Squirrel hunting is great for beginner hunters and for those of us who enjoy spending time with the people who mean the most to us.

Would you like to try small game hunting at ATCO Plantation?

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