ATCO Plantation - Pearson GA
Squirrel Hunting


Squirrel Hunting at ATCO Plantation

Still hunting.

“Still hunting” for squirrel is a dying art. If a hunter will sit down and be still, squirrels will move past them. The trick is to hunt where you see squirrel nests and have seen squirrel moving while deer hunting. I have killed a lot of squirrels using this tactic.

Dog Hunting.

Hunting with squirrel dogs is a blast at ATCO Plantation. We have eastern gray (cat) and fox squirrels. It is a lot of fun to walk the woods with close friends. We enjoy taking young hunters, who have never run through the woods with a dog.

Come hunt with us soon. ATCO Plantation is ready to enjoy the hunt with you.

Hunt Squirrel at ATCO Plantation
Squirrel  Fact Sheet

Sound of a Squirrel Barking!

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