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Feral Hogs

The origin of feral or Wild hogs in Southeast Georgia depends upon who is telling the story. ATCO Plantation believes that wild hogs were released for hunting purposes, these hogs bred with domestics, and now we have huge wild hogs. Traditionally, the hogs have been known as piney woods rooters, razorbacks, and russians. With few natural predators, they are increasingly growing in size and numbers.

Nuisance Assistance

Hogs make a mess of farmland. They root up crops, make large holes in the ground, wallow mud holes after a long rain, and cause soil erosion. Occasionally they get so far out of control that local farmers ask for assistance.

Would you like to come hunt for wild hogs? Contact us when you are ready to take a harvested South Georgia wild sow, pig, or boar hog home with you.

Feral Hog  Fact Sheet
Sound of Wild Hogs
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