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Coyote Hunting

ATCO Plantation - Coyote Hunting

Coyote Hunting at ATCO Plantation

Invasive Species

Coyotes are not naturally found in Georgia.  Hunters imported them for ‘ fox pen ‘ purposes and they escaped into the wild.  Now they are everywhere, and there is no animal in Georgia that balances their existence.  On any given night, you can hear large packs of coyotes running through river swamps.  On any given day they are chasing down and killing deer, rabbits, livestock, and even pets.  Make no mistakes, ATCO Plantation does not like coyotes.

Hunting Tactics

Electronic calls, decoys, night vision, and long range rifles are used to hunt coyotes.  It takes a lot of money and patience to call up a coyote and kill one.  They will not respond to a coyote call if you over use it around them.  They learn from a hunter's mistakes.  They use wind direction, terrain, and their speed to gain the upper hand.  Once you start hunting coyotes, all other hunting seems simple.

No Season on Coyote Hunting

Because the coyote is a non-native animal, there are no regulations.  You can hunt at day, night, with lights, without lights, using electronic calls, using decoys, and using bait.  Introducing yourself to the local DNR agent is a must.  Most people will think you are night hunting for deer, so it helps if the DNR know who you are and where you are hunting. 

Hunt Coyote at ATCO Plantation

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