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Deer Hunting


Whitetail Deer Hunting at ATCO Plantation

Deer Hunting Guides

ATCO Plantation guides have an accumulative hunting experience of over 60 years. We know where the white tail deer move, where the trophy bucks bed down, where the big bucks hide when the hunting pressure increases, where the deer feed, and when the deer move. Hunting deer at ATCO plantation varies according to the experience level of the hunter.


Deer Hunting Land

There are two private tracts available for white tail Deer Hunting! Tract one is 465 acres (Atkinson County) and tract two is 261 acres (Coffee County). The terrain varies from set out pine trees, scrub oak ridges, cypress flat ponds, river swamps, trails, food plots, and a few low pressure hunting locations. Scheduling is a first come first served priority. We want you to harvest a mature deer, so contact us before the best ones are harvested.


Deer Hunting Stands

ATCO Plantation has well maintained hunting stands and wants every hunter to enjoy their hunting experience. We have: climber stands, wooden ladder stands, metal ladder stands, buddy stands, ground blinds, box stands, tower stands, tripod stands, and trail chairs. Some of the stand locations have produced deer for over 30 years. The deer completely ignore them!


Deer Processing

There are two processing facilities that we use at ATCO Plantation. Everything is ready, and all we need is you. Contact us when you are ready to hunt for a Trophy White Tail deer at ATCO Plantation.

Deer  Fact Sheet
Sound of a Whitetail Buck Grunting

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